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Do You Have Questions for Dr. Bate?

We’ll be resuming our popular Ask Dr. Bate column which debuted briefly on BateWorld.com some time back.

Now joining us to answer your questions, we’re delighted to have the wisdom of not one but two qualified counselors, Garland Jarmon, MSW, CSB and Toby de Luca, MIT, CSB.

Som Hands Free Robotic Masturbators

One of the first things you’ll notice about Som’s line of hands free male masturbators is they’re noisy. Another thing you might notice is the price. However, if you’re interested in pure up and down dick wacking horsepower, it’s hard to beat the maximum 180 strokes per minute Som masturbators deliver.

Jack Off Clubs: Sharing The Bate

Jack off clubs are off the beaten path, but they have been part to the club scene in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia for decades. As the name implies, they’re establishments where men go to masturbate.  The clubs offer members a structured environment with rules of conduct and a strict ban on.