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Review: Secret Of The Golden Phallus

With an introduction by the inimitable Joseph Kramer, the book is written by Bruce P. Grether, the originator of the phrase “Mindful Masturbation.” He had me at the opening of his preface, in which he writes This book is about only one thing: your relationship with your penis. His book speaks to the experience so many bators have of connecting to something divine during bate, connecting to all things, all times, all men who have ever masturbated, past, present and future.

Introducing Gooning: Portrait of a Masturbator

When masturbation is the subject of a book you’re writing every bate gets to be categorized as “research”. I am indeed writing a book about masturbation, and I do “research” every day. I often scribble down notes on a notepad as inspiration or revelation hit me during a bate. A lot of my pens are sticky. My name is Jason Armstrong. I’m the author of a sex blog…



If you ask any open-minded, educated person about masturbation, they will most likely smile and say it’s wonderful, healthy and normal. However, if you told them that masturbation was your favorite sexual outlet or even your only sexual outlet, that smiling face might turn into one of concern or confusion.