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Calling in the Directions… of Cock!

Sexperiential Lessons By A Bating Sexologist

I’ve just returned from the second Cock Summit which was another amazing success (tell you all about it in the forthcoming article). On Saturday night, we had a bonfire and to start it off, we wanted to enact the ancient ritual of calling in the directions. Some rituals call in the four directions (north, south, east, west), while I like to call in the seven directions (including above, below, and center). It’s a way to cast a spell of inclusion and blessing and possibility.

The Glories of Bating Outdoors

Sexperiential Lessons by Dr. Jallen Rix

I am lying naked on my back under the sun. It’s the first day of Spring that I can really call hot, and I just couldn’t take another stressful afternoon of city life. So I drove out of town, along with our local river to a dirt parking lot off the highway. From here, a path leads to a nude beach.

Honing your online skills: Words of Arousal

Insights from a bating sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

“You don’t just masturbate… you display, you exhibit your sexuality as much for the viewer’s pleasure as your own… it pleasures you to masturbate for us… you look at the camera as if watching us watching you as you entertain us with your naked self-pleasure. It’s that desire to be enjoyed sexually by others that I find so erotic about you. xxx”

BateWorld’s First Ever Cock Summit Successfully Erupts!

To say the least, I blush with pride at how well the weekend progressed, and not just in terms of the programming. We had attempted to strike a balance between a workshop or two, a ritual or two, and plenty of free time – all of which were opportunities to grab our dicks and feel good. Heck! A participant didn’t even have to attend any of the activities. Just show up and bate.


Here is an opportunity to identify and feel great about the positive aspects of your masculinity in the accepting and nurturing presence of other like-hearted men, without competition, comparison or shame. There’s just something absolutely unique about being affirmed of your masculinity BY OTHER MEN, but in our culture these rituals have been upstaged by competition, performance, humiliation, fear of failure, bullying, hazing, and violence, to name a few. It doesn’t sound all that affirming or fun, does it?

3 Tips to make your Valentine’s Great! (This year, let that “special someone” be you!)

When you’re feeling “less than,” one of the most immediate ways to counter those messages is to do what really, deeply nurtures you. List out the things that make your heart absolutely blossom – and when Valentine’s Day comes around, do one or more of these exquisite things. And don’t forget self-pleasuring. After all, masturbation is one of the most intimate and loving acts that you can do with the one you know the best.

Masturbation Meditation With Dr. Jallen Rix

COMING TO BATEWORLD MONTHLY COCK MEDITATIONS from Dr. Jallen Rix We’re excited to announce our first video series from sexologist Dr. Jallen Rix. Starting February 5, we’ll be posting a new video each month, focused on masturbation health and well-being for the whole body. Premium members can watch the explicit videos, and Basic members can […]


I had wanted to go on this ride for years but it never aligned with my schedule. As a sexologist and a body-diversity advocate, I try to find as many ways to affirm everyone’s body in its natural state as much as possible. Due to the hyper conformity of both centuries of puritanical religious dogma and modern day consumerism, one of the worst problems our society faces is that most of the population is disgusted by their own natural image. It may not sound like a big deal, but what we believe about our bodies is what we believe about ourselves…