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Feminine Phallus

I was viewing the men’s page a couple of years ago when I landed on this hot guy — broad chested, muscly, hairy, having a nasty fun time interacting with his many followers who electronically tossed him tips. Then I realized: I didn’t see a dick…anywhere. Quickly reading his bio, I learned TXXX was a female-to-male transgender person.

A Circle of Cocks ‘Round the Fire

Experiential Lessons From a Bating Sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

In just a few months, I’ll be attending my 21st Burning Man experience where plenty a cool night is spent watching large art projects being torched. Once the art has fallen and Fire Safety has given the “go ahead,” throngs of people move closer to the flames to warm themselves


The sexy summer camp you always fantasized about is now your reality…   BateWorld’s Cock Summits for 2018 expand – AGAIN! 2017 erupted with 2 Cock Summits in the Southern California area developed and facilitated by, bateworld.com and Sexologist Jallen Rix. Their vision was to take the unique cock-in-hand community feel of BatWorld’s online presence […]

Intimacy — Isn’t There an App for That?

Sexperiential Lessons from Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

What comes to mind when you hear the word “intimacy?” It can stir a lot of different ideas for a lot of different people. It can be just another word for relationship or closeness. For some, it’s a more acceptable slang term for sex: “We were intimate….” One way or another, it most often infers a special kind of connection. Perhaps it’s the yummy cream filling of what is best in all of our interactions. If we were to judge by what long-term relationships value when everything else might become mundane over the years — sex, bodies, money, status, security, familiarity —partners report intimacy as the most cherished adhesive that keeps their connection worthwhile.

Calling in the Directions… of Cock!

Sexperiential Lessons By A Bating Sexologist

I’ve just returned from the second Cock Summit which was another amazing success (tell you all about it in the forthcoming article). On Saturday night, we had a bonfire and to start it off, we wanted to enact the ancient ritual of calling in the directions. Some rituals call in the four directions (north, south, east, west), while I like to call in the seven directions (including above, below, and center). It’s a way to cast a spell of inclusion and blessing and possibility.

The Glories of Bating Outdoors

Sexperiential Lessons by Dr. Jallen Rix

I am lying naked on my back under the sun. It’s the first day of Spring that I can really call hot, and I just couldn’t take another stressful afternoon of city life. So I drove out of town, along with our local river to a dirt parking lot off the highway. From here, a path leads to a nude beach.

Honing your online skills: Words of Arousal

Insights from a bating sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

“You don’t just masturbate… you display, you exhibit your sexuality as much for the viewer’s pleasure as your own… it pleasures you to masturbate for us… you look at the camera as if watching us watching you as you entertain us with your naked self-pleasure. It’s that desire to be enjoyed sexually by others that I find so erotic about you. xxx”

BateWorld’s First Ever Cock Summit Successfully Erupts!

To say the least, I blush with pride at how well the weekend progressed, and not just in terms of the programming. We had attempted to strike a balance between a workshop or two, a ritual or two, and plenty of free time – all of which were opportunities to grab our dicks and feel good. Heck! A participant didn’t even have to attend any of the activities. Just show up and bate.