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If we can see cock as worthy of respect, there’s something to be learned about who we are, how we got here, where we’re going as sexually liberated beings. The way we live can be a continuing adventure with intelligent sexuality. What we need is already here, we just need to take it seriously. Cock is important and serious fun, and I want it to be an instrument and symbol of liberation for those of us who want to celebrate it together. So I guess that for me the definition of the word Cockology is the study and practice of healthy and positive cocksmanship.


For me, the best part of creating BateWorld has been the enthusiastic feedback we get from our members. It’s such a great feeling to know that we’ve helped improve the lives of men and bring whole new worlds of pleasure to lots and lots of guys. I always stress that our organization is here to […]


It’s our seventh anniversary online, and Peter and I want to say a great big “Thank you!” to our members, our supporters, and our staff for your dedication to the world’s largest online community of bators.


I just caught the masturbation episode of Seinfeld on TV tonight. The Contest is one of the brightest moments in a comedy series that was consistently brilliant, a loopy look at the details of ordinary experience and the pratfalls of neurotic Manhattan ennui. Larry David won an Emmy for writing The Contest, and it’s listed as #1 on TV Guide’s list of 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time.


As a sexual icon, Conner Habib is one of a contemporary wave of porn stars using social media to celebrate sexuality without shame. He left an academic career to be a sex performer, and his commitment to proudly exposing himself to the world is something I admire (he’s currently retired, but his hard cock will always live on online). I often wonder what his former students must think when they see explicit images of Conner


Why I Love Hard Nudity

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a penis. I didn’t ask for one, and, really, I don’t remember thinking too much about it for most of my first decade. I didn’t even know what to call it then…

Hugh Hefner And The Playboy Legacy

Hugh Hefner deserves a huge amount of credit for mainstreaming sex in the modern age. He brought a dynamic and cross-platform lifestyle dimension into the lives of men, refining from the start his own vision of contemporary manhood that included personal style, living quarters, hot rides, literature and the arts (and of course, sexy ladies) as integral elements of the well-rounded man.

DAVID PEVSNER: A Conversation

I’ve said so often that one man’s art is another man’s porn, and everyone’s line is different. Just showing your dick is porn to some. I don’t know… I’ve been really enjoying expressing my sexual and artistic freedom in these photos, and the fact that some guys (and women!) seem to be inspired by a man of my age putting it all out there in a thoughtful way