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OK GO: The One Moment

On this Thanksgiving Day, the always brilliant OK Go released an amazing song and video that I can’t stop watching. The One Moment is an inspiring anthem that reminds us to savor each moment and value the people around us. Something I definitely needed reminding of after election season.

Camp Classics: Movin’ With Nancy

The camp value of Movin’ With Nancy is astronomical, but at heart is an impressive, Emmy-winning TV special produced and directed by Jack Haley, Jr. Nancy Sinatra is at her iconic peak. She’s stylish, charming and beautiful, and the material suits her well, even when it’s stretching her range. Featuring a Rat Pack triumvirate as guest stars, MWN showcases some great, occasionally trippy period songs from Lee Hazlewood and others in lush arrangements.

The Most Self-Important List of The 21 Most Self-Important Movies of All Time

Over the years there’ve been a number of films that take themselves a little too seriously. The overall success of these films can be the difference between self-awareness and self-indulgence, and often it’s hard to tell the difference. A Message Film can unintentionally become a Camp Masterpiece or, worse, Great Big Bomb, by default of its own over-baked seriousness. Sometimes, a movie just can’t get out of its own way, and that’s why we love them so.


In this installment of Chillopolis, we present Monk On Acid – A Trip to Pluto #154. There are a number of these mixes available on YouTube, and each is a trippy, ethereal selection of mind-bending cuts to relax and invigorate your whole body. To listen to these tracks for hours of uninterrupted, commercial-free enjoyment, I […]