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Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 3

My handsome friend in South America masturbates with me on Skype, moaning, gasping, his head rolls back and forth; he pauses, as if stunned, and moves his hands away from the meaty pillar of his penis in the foreground of my view. Then his head falls back in a look of beatitude, like some kind of saint in ecstasy, as his body twitches and writhes in place, his thighs vibrate.

Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 2

So the second part of this practice to experience dry orgasms and possibly multiple male orgasms, come when you are masturbating. This is a challenge of fine-tuning, and not so much a feat of obsessive control, as of paying really, really close attention to your level of arousal, and then using your ability to relax that pee-stopper muscle at just the right moment. This can reward you beyond your wildest dreams!

Anal Stimulation Masturbation Techniques, Part 2

I’m in a hot bubble bath, using a great foaming product that doesn’t have strong chemical fragrance or any irritants to the sensitive opening at the tip of my fully engorged penis. The strokes on my erection are slick and wet, while under the water I’ve gently yet firmly inserted my middle finger into my anus. Within the silky inner wall of my rectum, my finger encounters a distinct bulge that I begin to slowly press and rub with spectacular results: glorious storms of sensation; nearly intolerable bliss…

Anal Stimulation Masturbation Techniques, Part 1

On Skype, I’m sharing masturbation with my handsome friend who lives in another part of the world, when he grins sheepishly: “Do you mind if I insert my finger?” I tell him, “Of course not, please do!” So adding more lube, he carefully inserts his middle finger into his anus. I see on his face, the intensity of his bliss notch up even higher, as his knuckle stimulates his prostate while his other hand caresses his erection…

Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 5

The Erogenous Body

To pursue excellence as a male masturbator, you not only want to arouse your entire body but also to invite every part of your genital and pelvic region to participate in generating those ecstatic waves that flood your entire being with bliss. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a lot of focus on the penis, as that’s where so much sensation comes from. Still, your entire body can be viewed as an erogenous zone.

Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 4

Your masturbation practice, no matter how great, can intensify simply by getting creative: try new masturbation techniques, deliberately shift your focus, seek out the undiscovered country of the Masturbatory Frontier! We all get into habits, and habits are not entirely bad, still in the realm of excellence among male masturbators, it’s always good to periodically break the mold.