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Ask The Batemaster: The Diversity of Pleasure

Different Strokes

QUESTION: I love to try different ways to give myself an orgasm. Is it possible for me to make myself ejaculate if I rub my scrotum? Where is the best part of my scrotum to touch?


RESPONSE: That’s a wonderful question, which opens the doors to all kinds of delicious and delightful pleasures! Most definitely, the skin of your scrotum is very sensitive. There are all sorts of ways to stimulate that soft, textured sac that contains your balls, as bonus additions to penis pleasure.

Ask The Batemaster: The Male Visual Thing

A Multi-Sensory Experience!

Question: I’ve heard that men are primarily visually stimulated, which is why porn is such a thriving industry. But, in my times alone I often prefer to close my eyes and listen to the sounds that come from porn. Have you ever heard of anyone else like this? Would you call it a fetish?


Response: According to studies, there is some truth to the idea that men are more turned on by the visual aspect of observing explicit sexual content than many women are, and that women more often associate emotional warmth with sexual arousal. However, this is only part of the story:

Ask The Batemaster: A Gay Dilemna

Should I Ask?

QUESTION: I’m at university and I’ve got a really hot straight buddy I’d love to jack-off with, but I’m not sure how he’d react, so how do I go about it? He’s in my room a lot. He knows I’m gay and says he doesn’t mind that. Anything to do with sex turns me on totally. But yeah, it’s guys and cocks that get me the most turned on. Help!


RESPONSE: You’ve got to decide for yourself how much you want or need to masturbate with your friend because you’re not sure how he will react. Consider how important his friendship is, and how you will feel if he reacts badly. Still, there are ways to approach the subject can ease you both into the possibility of masturbating together without it becoming a problem.

Ask The Batemaster: Pulling Back From The Edge

In Search Of The Perfect Orgasm

QUESTION: Sometimes while edging, at some point I relax some pelvic muscles, my shaft surges, then jizz flows into my hand, but I stay hard and horny. My cream tastes a bit sweeter than with ordinary orgasms. DAMN, my dick is still raging hard and electrified! What’s happening, and how can I get there more consistently?


RESPONSE: You are experiencing an orgasmic state familiar to me, which is between a “dry orgasm” and a full-blown ejaculatory orgasm. Because you are edging, mentally you seek to pull back from the edge, but your body releases some semen, partly because you may be generating a lot of the components in your edging process. The different taste may be because it’s not all the components of full-blown ejaculatory semen.

Ask The Batemaster: Brain Climax

The Brains Role in Erotic Pleasure

QUESTION: Is it possible to climax with the brain alone?


RESPONSE: Sex education pros sometimes like to tell you that erotic pleasure actually happens in your brain. In a certain sense, this is true. Still, it’s not the entire truth. Pleasure and orgasm register in that mysterious, powerful region between your ears, just like all other sensory input and bodily experience.

Ask The BateMaster: Direct Prostate Stimulation

How Can I Stretch My Hole Safely?

QUESTION: I have a very tight asshole. I finger it and can slip small objects in to use as a dildo. But I can’t get anything bigger inside. I’m afraid to force anything bigger in and tear something. How can I safely stretch my hole? I use lube… any suggestions???


RESPONSE: As you’ve learned, anal insertion isn’t as easy as it looks in most of the porn videos, where in reality the guys

Ask The Batemaster: Pre-cum

The Lowdown on Cowper’s Gland Fluid

QUESTION: I’m a huge pre-cum fan, and it makes a great natural lube. But I don’t ooze a lot of it, and not all that often. What causes different guys to pre-cum more or less? Is there any way to increase the amount of pre-cum I ooze?


RESPONSE: The truth is that there’s a wide range of how much pre-cum guys ooze while aroused and masturbating, from none ever, to almost a constant fountain for a small number of men. The difference seems to be mostly genetic; however,