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Ask The BateMaster: Direct Prostate Stimulation

How Can I Stretch My Hole Safely?

QUESTION: I have a very tight asshole. I finger it and can slip small objects in to use as a dildo. But I can’t get anything bigger inside. I’m afraid to force anything bigger in and tear something. How can I safely stretch my hole? I use lube… any suggestions???


RESPONSE: As you’ve learned, anal insertion isn’t as easy as it looks in most of the porn videos, where in reality the guys

Ask The Batemaster: Pre-cum

The Lowdown on Cowper’s Gland Fluid

QUESTION: I’m a huge pre-cum fan, and it makes a great natural lube. But I don’t ooze a lot of it, and not all that often. What causes different guys to pre-cum more or less? Is there any way to increase the amount of pre-cum I ooze?


RESPONSE: The truth is that there’s a wide range of how much pre-cum guys ooze while aroused and masturbating, from none ever, to almost a constant fountain for a small number of men. The difference seems to be mostly genetic; however,