Ask Dr. Bate: A Transition

Ask Dr. Bate

Endings And Beginnings

All of us at BateWorld and The BatorBlog want to thank Garland and Toby for their insightful and thought-provoking articles for The BatorBlog’s Dr. Bate column. After two years of monthly articles, they’ll now be moving on to pursue their calling in private practice and group workshops and we all want to wish them the best.

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to share their wisdom with our readers and the BateWorld community, and I know there are great things ahead for Toby and Garland and their clients.

This is not the end of Dr. Bate, however, and we’ll be announcing our new advisors soon.

Thanks again you guys! We’re very proud of you and wish you continued success. Bate On!

Toby+and+IGarland Jarmon heralds from 7 years as an HIV/AIDS educator and sexual health counselor for individuals and couples. Having a Masters in Social Work and now as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, he seeks to help all those in the LGBTQIA, straight, and Bator community live a more wholesome and embodied life, full of mindfulness and conscious exploration.

Toby de Luca comes from a background in Education and Massage Therapy. With a Masters in Teaching and also as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, he to assist folks in facilitating stronger, healthier relationships with their own bodies and their relationships with others.

Together they co-own their own Sex and Erotic Coaching business — Spiritual Eros ( They desire to bring to the BateWorld Community an opportunity to have an open and honest discussion about issues that many of us face. They believe that everything is an experiment and that the only failed experiment is one you don’t collect the data from. They also understand that because their answers may not fit every lived experience, they welcome community members to offer their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. They are proponents that healthy community creates healthier lives… and healthy lives, healthier communities!

Garland and Toby are Sexologists and as such are NOT medical doctors or therapists. The opinions, suggestions, and advice given are not meant to be in lieu of your primary care physician’s medical advice. If you are concerned about a medical condition or have a medical emergency, PLEASE contact your doctor, urgent care, or emergency room!

Brothers, we encourage you to exercise your best and highest wisdom and intuition!

If you’d like to submit questions, please email them to [email protected].

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