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Hey, baters! (I've always wanted to start an article out that way.) This is Jon from Gay Naturists International (GNI), the largest collection of naked, gay men getting together annually and spreading the word about naturism (nudism) throughout the world. We've been around for over 30 years, and in my 13 years of involvement, I've come to know and love THE warmest, sweetest, hottest men in my life.Read more
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Hugh Hefner And The Playboy Legacy

Hugh Hefner deserves a huge amount of credit for mainstreaming sex in the modern age. He brought a dynamic and cross-platform lifestyle dimension into the lives of men, refining from the start his own vision of contemporary manhood that included personal style, living quarters, hot rides, literature and the arts (and of course, sexy ladies) as integral elements of the well-rounded man.Read more
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Ask The Batemaster: The Diversity of Pleasure

Different Strokes

QUESTION: I love to try different ways to give myself an orgasm. Is it possible for me to make myself ejaculate if I rub my scrotum? Where is the best part of my scrotum to touch?
RESPONSE: That’s a wonderful question, which opens the doors to all kinds of delicious and delightful pleasures! Most definitely, the skin of your scrotum is very sensitive. There are all sorts of ways to stimulate that soft, textured sac that contains your balls, as bonus additions to penis pleasure. Read more
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Prostrate Stimulation: The Pleasures of Assturbation

I know that most readers here probably don’t care who the butt players are, who the “bottoms” are or why because they (we) realize it’s part of our nature as men and as masturbators to explore all areas of yourself regardless of your sexuality. This is mainly for anyone who has ever considered touching their butthole, pleasuring it, asking their partner to, but felt concerned that maybe it means something else “Maybe I’m gay…”Read more
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