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Intimacy — Isn’t There an App for That?

Sexperiential Lessons from Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

What comes to mind when you hear the word “intimacy?” It can stir a lot of different ideas for a lot of different people. It can be just another word for relationship or closeness. For some, it’s a more acceptable slang term for sex: “We were intimate….” One way or another, it most often infers a special kind of connection. Perhaps it’s the yummy cream filling of what is best in all of our interactions. If we were to judge by what long-term relationships value when everything else might become mundane over the years — sex, bodies, money, status, security, familiarity —partners report intimacy as the most cherished adhesive that keeps their connection worthwhile.Read more
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Ask The Batemaster: Sexual Fantasies

Distinguishing your fantasies vs. realities is important!

QUESTION: Is it wrong to fantasize about something that could be immoral, or even illegal while I masturbate? Some of those things just turn me on so intensely, man, like nothing else!
RESPONSE: Many people assume that fantasizing is what masturbation is all about. Of course, creative self-pleasure has many other major delicious facets. You can make a case for the fact that watching and listening to porn is a form of media-assisted fantasy, because you use the images that arouse you to stimulate your pleasure, and yet it remains vicarious. It is not what is actually happening here and now, though your sensations are real. But live-action porn did happen somewhere at some time and was recorded for an audience.Read more
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Prostrate Stimulation: The Pleasures of Assturbation

I know that most readers here probably don’t care who the butt players are, who the “bottoms” are or why because they (we) realize it’s part of our nature as men and as masturbators to explore all areas of yourself regardless of your sexuality. This is mainly for anyone who has ever considered touching their butthole, pleasuring it, asking their partner to, but felt concerned that maybe it means something else “Maybe I’m gay…”Read more
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