Tip-Toes on the edge

Edging: Perfecting The Bate

I’m Edged, Are You?

Edging - Tip-Toes on the edge Edging (aka. orgasm control) is a bator practice that takes time and commitment and is definitely not for the faint of heart. One must indulge in masturbation on a daily, regular basis to reach the levels of not only a true masturbator, but a true edger. It is an ancient practice, much like meditation, and once perfected can help you realize the inner powers that reside within the act of masturbation and – for that matter – sex in general.

In a regular bate session you’ll usually beat off for a good 20-30 minutes before you feel like you’re about to squirt your load. Don’t! You need to STOP and SLOW it down. Feel the sperm flowing and the orgasmic power manifesting throughout your [simple_tooltip style=”font-weight:600;cursor:pointer;color:#FFD700;position:relative;” content=’Svadhishthana (Sanskrit: स्वाधिष्ठान, IAST: Svādhiṣṭhāna, English:”one‘s own base”), or sacral chakra, is the second primary chakra according to Hindu Tantrism.


‘]sacral chakra[/simple_tooltip], flowing around your penis, balls, taint, ass and encompassing your entire body. Repeat this regularly until you’re able to fall into a deep penis trance for as much as five hours without cumming. The longest I’ve edged in one day was twelve hours with very few breaks in-between.

Another level of the edge is the ability to “ride it.” Observe the sensations of your cock bliss in waves, counting 1-10 (10 being closest to ejaculating), pick a point where you want to ride and ride it. Masturbate with the same sensation until you’re ready to go higher, to the next number. With practice, you’ll be able to do this without even being aware that you are doing it. This alone clearly demonstrates that you’re a bona fide edger.

Edging: “Coming nearly close to climax or ejaculation, then purposefully stopping sexual stimulation in order to delay the same, so that the ultimate climax will be more intense.”Urban DictionaryThe benefits that come with edging penis are absolutely worth the practice. Several of these are enhanced sexual stamina, intensified orgasmic sensations, increased rate and distance of your cum (who doesn’t like shooting a huge load), and multiple orgasms just to name a few. Plus, obviously, the more you edge the longer your bate.

There is nothing better than masturbating continuously on a regular, daily basis. Dedicating yourself to penis worship for hours on end without cumming. Saving that massive load you’ve built up for a heavy, intense, mind-altering, body shattering geyser that can be achieved through the practice of edging.

I’m still edged, are you?

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  1. Andy
    Andy says:

    Very nice description of edging. I would love to have an edging tutoring session with a true master sometime!

  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    I’ve been edging for years, before I even knew it was ‘a thing’. My two buddies, that I jerk with, don’t understand how I can jerk my cock and then stop before shooting. They are both heavy cummers, but for me, I like keeping my balls full. When my balls have a 2 or 3 day load, I find my cock gets hard very quickly, seeing a hot girl bending over at walmart, or when my wife wants to fuck.
    I like to go to the steam room with a 4 day load, my cock is semi erect and there is always someone interested in giving a rub down. One of my thrills is walking around in the showers, cock elongated but not fully bone hard. I’m not a big guy, so I love the penis attention!
    I have inadvertently developed so many penile stimulation techniques that keep me on the bone hard edge, but safely away from point of no return. It makes a full blown ball pumping, that much more enjoyable. I may be preaching to the choir, but I would love to share tips, if anyone is interested.
    Thanks, Peter in Canada…..Stay horny, my friends!

    • BEN VEE
      BEN VEE says:

      I have been EDGEDING for years and I have NEVER experienced desensitization. Edging has increased longer erections for me and a much stronger penis. This is a lot of shit about desensitization. What is it That guys are making a big deal about pleasuring themselves in anyway?? If it feels good sexually go for it. Fuck trying to go against what is very natural and normal. If you want to stop, then STRUGGLE on EVERY day, but dudes stop trying to get others to do it, it’s their choice. I relieve myself up to eight times a day and I have never ever felt weak etc, this is a lot of shit. I am very active and have never been as fit as I am now. I am really fucking tired of much negative views from the public, and even guys, trying to convince themselves by saying that men must stop fap and/or masturbation. You know that it is natural. This is so false: “I haven’t fapped for two days now, or five or ten days.” Fooling themselves. How else does a guy get release and really f—ing enjoy it. UNLESS you have a huge problem with uncontrollable porn watching and this is perhaps affecting your normal sexual function with your partner, then DON’T continue doing it. I am married for five years now, I am 31 and my wife is 28. Believe me when I say that my personal sex life experience is working for me. I fap whenever I am away from her. My wife is bi and has a girlfriend, so when I am away for a while, I know I need not worry that another guy could be banging her. When I am at home I have my real live porn in front of me. I have also been doing fap for most of my years up and including present. I am certainly not encouraging any one that might choose not to fap, but think of finding a woman or women (preferably bi) who can give you the live thing. I am not talking shit. You will not be left dry. We also have this thing between us where we masturbate with ourselves and masturbate each other, you will not believe how this turns both of us on, (Really hot). This is done in between lovemaking, sometimes with mediocre porn, WHICH SHE CHOOSES. I am always EDGING, ALWAYS, so that my orgasm and jizz will be maximized. There is nothing better than EDGING on a daily basis. Dedicating yourself to enjoy your penis in hand or whilst it is in a woman/partner for hours on end. Holding orgasm back and letting your penis go just before you feel like Cumming, or of course pull your penis out of your partner or even freeze fucking. Saving that massive load which who have built up is by far heavier, intense, mind blowing. It’s a body shattering geyser that can be achieved through regular practice of EDGING. So fuck everyone else and do what floats your boat and ENJOY. Check out Muscle God Samson by Samson Biggs entitled “Is masturbation healthy?” He is one of the best bodybuilders that I follow. Being drawn to this sight, starting to somehow be attracted to some men. Think I am somewhat bi sexual to like my wife and her girlfriend.

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hi again,
    I’m sure most of you have found this already, but one of the things I have learned about edging, has been from jerking another person’s cock. I have what has become a so-called “jerk buddy”. We get together occasionally and jerk each other to a variety of porn. We have all been masturbating ourselves for ever, but something I never noticed is how hard the penis gets, just before ejaculation. My buddy has a more or less average size cock (6 inches at most) but a ridiculously large penis head. He loves anal but that glans makes it difficult to find willing recipients! Although, once he’s in, HE’S IN. The shaft is quite a tolerable diameter and there is certainly no risk of pop out.
    I’m afraid I may have veered off topic, but I mention him because, after many ‘cross-jerking’ sessions, I was able to find a point, so close to spurting threshold, but not bring him over the edge, just based on that subtle increase in hardness. I never noticed this with my own cock, but when one is not distracted by the pleasure, a lot can be learned from jerking another cock.


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